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Felting and recycled cashmere (yeah for moths!)

I haven't had much time to knit since Ollie has been born. He's now almost three months and I just finished my first post-birth pair of longies a few weeks ago. They weren't quite perfect (okay, they had a few holes in them) so I decided to felt them. After the first time through the wash (with cold water) they were nice and soft, but not quite felted enough. Then I tried washing them on hot. When they came out they were half their original size and to stiff and thick they could easily stand up on their own. Oops! I'm going to try to salvage them into a few pairs of mittens or something. We'll see how that goes.

That same day (I was at my mom's house in Nebraska- it's the closest thing to a vacation we ever get) I dug my cashmere sweater out for the first time in almost a year. I bought this cashmere sweater last winter with a gift card- it was marked down something like 90% and mostly I only bought it because it came with a really pretty cashmere scarf, but it was a really soft sweater, so I wore it pretty often when it was cold out. When I pulled this lovely tan sweater out of my suitcase, I found a wool wearer's nightmare- moth holes! Of course, it's my fault. I'm pretty sure it's the first wool sweater I've ever owned, so I didn't think to store it in cedar or use moth balls. I was so upset at first, but then I thought "recycled wool longies!!!" I was so excited I got over the loss of the sweater. I felted the sweater just a little (ironically at the same time as the other longies). I made two lovely, soft pairs of longies from the sweater and have enough to make one more, but I think I'll try something else.

Not the best picture- neither pair has elastic yet in the picture (now one does, I still need to do the other) and I didn't lay the ruffled pair out well. But they are lovely pants, I'm not gonna lie!

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