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Cheddar Onion Popovers

I had a request for this recipe, and I'm so excited that someone's actually paying attention I thought I'd better post it right away!

First of all, this is not MY recipe, it's from the Rachel Ray magazine, so hopefully I'm not breaking any laws by posting it here.

Also, the recipe goes along with this onion soup that is pretty amazing and SO SO bad for you- sounds like a lovely vegetarian meal, right? Yea, except for all the bacon in the soup:) Not to mention the bacon grease that the onions are cooked in. However, I'm sure regular sauteed onions will do fine.

But these are so ridiculously easy, and you could easily change up the flavor to go with any meal.

1 C Milk
2 T. Melted butter
3 Eggs
1/4 C Sauteed onions (saute until soft and transparent)
1 C Flour
1/4 tsp Salt
12 cubes cheddar cheese (I use the precubed kind, which is, oh, about 3/4 in cubes?)

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and grease or spray the cups of either a popover pan (but seriously, who has one of those?) or a 12 cup muffin tin. In a blender blend the milk, butter, eggs, onions, flour, and salt until well blended and a little bubbly, scraping sides of blender if necessary.

Fill each cup of the muffin tin 1/2 way full. Then drop a cube of cheddar into the center of each one. Bake for 25 minutes. Then lower over heat to 350 and cook for 15 more minutes. Finished product should be a densish bread with a big huge space in the middle (like a big big bubble).

As far as what I did today, well let's just say the Twilight obsession hasn't let up at all. I was talking to my sister this morning about the fact that I was sad. I had finished the first book, and that made me concious of the fact that someday I will be finished reading ALL the books, and there will be no more Edward in my life (so pathetic, I know, but it's like he's MY own particular brand of heroine...). She told me that she had heard Stephanie Meyers was working on a fifth book, but that portions of it had been leaked onto the internet and in anger she had stopped work on it, but that it was now posted on her website. I checked it out- it's not the whole thing and it's just a draft, but it's absolutely addicting. It's the first book (the very book I finished last night), but told from Edward's POV instead of Bella's. I read that a great deal today. I only meant to read the first chapter, the part that SHE posted of her own free will- but I couldn't stop there, and in all fairness she had posted the leaked draft on her own board.

Let me just be clear- these books are terrible. Kind of like the movie. It took me a while to get past the predictable and unnecessary commentary and the monotonous sentence structure. But despite all that I just can't seem to STOP.

But I wasn't completely unproductive today. I finished the halter top, although there is one little gather that's in a weird place and needs to be ripped out and resewn. I didn't take any pictures, either, but probably will tomorrow- I would like to hem it first so it looks nice:) I also made a diaper cover and cut out five more. I had been debating about whether to make All In One's, Pockets, or Covers and Fitteds. I decided that, in the end, it would be faster and more economical to make covers and fitteds. It will take less PUL, because you really only need 8 or 10 covers (or possibly even fewer), and I should easily get that out of the 3 yards of PUL I bought (with plenty of room to replace mess ups!). And I had absolutely no fun sewing the three layers (knit print, PUL, suedecloth) together to make a pocket. Comparitively, sewing FOE and touchtape onto a cut out of PUL is much easier. And I'll make pocket fitteds- thin sewn in soaker, with a pocket opening to add more absorbancy. That way it will all dry nice and quick, too!

Up next- a skirt out of that awesome floral selvage print I posted the other day- although not 100% sure which pattern I'm going to use. I'm washing it right now, so I should at least get it cut out tomorrow.

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Betsy said...

Thanks for the recipe! Can't wait to try it!!

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