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Long Day, Short Post (hopefully!)

I have a lot to say... I did a lot today, but I'm sick and tired and need to go to bed. So I am going to try to restrain myself, but we all know how much I love to talk.

First of all, completely unrelated to anything, I went to see Twilight the other night. I was worried that my expectations were too high after my sisters and my friend Caitlin all raved about how awfully (and by awfully, I mean awful) wonderful the movie was. I know that doesn't make sense, and I would try to explain it, but you kinda have to see the movie to fully understand what I mean. Even when Edward made his first appearance on screen I was like "what's the big deal about this guy?" to which Caitlin replied "he'll grow on you." And how. I am obsessed. It's like I'm in college again and I just met a beautiful, intense, interesting guy (who just happens to be a vampire) and he is all that I can think about. It's so stupid, I'm almost ashamed of myself (almost!). I mean, it makes me giddy, the way you get giddy when you first meet someone and you aren't tired of them yet.

The funny thing is, from all other points of view the movie is terrible. The acting is at best tolerable, and in the case of many of the smaller parts it's totally laughable. The effects are equally laugh inspiring, and there are many scenes that get a little repetitive. But I will probably be in line to buy this movie when it comes out on DVD. If I didn't have kids I would have seen it again in the movie theater (it's at a second run theater, so it was only $3), but it's too hard for me to get away. (sigh)

So, now that THAT is off my chest, what have I done? Ollie's jumper has made me mad, so it's going to be in timeout for a while. I started on a halter top for myself which is turning out great so far- it's out of this beautiful old sheet I found at the goodwill clearance center- white with pink rosebuds, but they're very spaced out. It's very soft and feminine, and I have always loved the feel of old, well worn sheets. Hopefully I don't have any issues with this pattern because I just ordered some silk (gasp!) and want to make an adaptation of the pattern for when I go to Vegas next month.

Also, this afternoon I cooked all of our suppers for the entire week. That's right, my goal is to not cook, or to cook as little as possible. It's all part of operation "find more time to sew." I figure, if I'm not wasting time in the evenings with making dinner, I can waste it sewing:) Surprisingly it didn't take me long- I started around 1 after Izzy went down for her nap, got held up a little when Ollie woke up thirty minutes later, then really got going again when he went back to sleep and was completely done, including tonight's supper, by 4. This is what we are having:

Tonight- chili
Monday- fish (didn't make, cooking from frozen), brown rice (pre-cooked and in the fridge), and salad
Tuesday- Creamy Onion Soup with Cheddar popovers (the pieces of the soup are all chopped in the fridge, I just have to dump, and popovers take 30 seconds to mix up)
Wednesday- Chicken and Rice with mixed vegetables (made and in the freezer), braised kale (will take minutes to make)
Thursday- Chicken Nacho Tacos (meat cooked, and really that's all there is to do)
Friday- Chicken and Dumplings (chicken stew finished and in freezer, just needs thickening and dumplings).

I know, three days of chicken. I realized that, but didn't want to change it. I was trying to come up with things that would freeze well.

Then Saturday (after I get my co-op produce) I will make my meal plan for the next week, and Sunday I will cook again!

Also, inspired by all the trimmings from the lovely produce I got with my first batch from the co-op, I decided it's about time I start composting. Scott just drilled the holes in my tub for me- all my "stuff" from this weekend of cooking and prep is sitting in a bucket in the kitchen. I should put that outside before it starts to attract friends.

So, not too long. At least for me:) Goodnight!


Betsy said...

We love compost around here, too! There's something so satisfying about knowing all those good veggie trimmings aren't going to be wasted. Can you post (or link to) the Cheddar Popovers recipe? Those sound yummy! I should investigate the cooking for a week routine... Hmmm

Brianna said...

Haha... i cook on Sundays for the week. The only difference is I only have to make 1 regular family sized meal and it last the whole week! Plus, last week I made 3 chicken breasts and a roasted turkey breast that I'm still eating on. BTW- props on the paprika suggestion. Its AMAZING.

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