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Yesterday's project- a masterpiece in thriftiness, kinda.

I'm still sewing, just very slowly- still working on that stinking jumper of Ollie's. Seems like every day I get one little piece of it done and something major happens to distract me. Plus I've got to come up with a way to make the leg facing easier. Some cheater way. I remember my high school home-ec teacher taught me a shortcut way to do facing, I just don't remember what it was! I also cut out a halter top for myself out of a sheet I picked up the other day when I was at the Goodwill Clearance center. It had stains at two corners, but was otherwise fine- pretty white with soft pink roses. I hope it turns out okay because the fabric is really soft and pretty, but no pics until I get at least part of it put together.

My big project yesterday, other than printing out more coupons (which, FYI, Stater Brothers doesn't take printable coupons- thanks to A Full Cup I didn't have to find out the hard way), was to make my coupon binder. I have had this binder I have used for household things for
about two years now- in it I kept my groccery list, meal plans, to do/to buy lists, cleaning lists
, and most frequently used recipies. As I was contemplating a coupon binder, merging it with this existing binder just seemed natural. So there was on thing I didn't need to buy, but I still needed inserts. On a recent less than fruitful (although I did get coffee B1G1) trip to CVS I
looked for photo inserts but didn't find any. When I got home I was browsing and, through Little People Wealth I found a tutorial for making my own inserts (the actual blog for making
the inserts is It's a Simplified Life, and I linked directly to the tutorial in my last post). Love it when things work out that way- and I just happened to have all the materials on hand, which essentially means I made it all for free! But even if you had to run out and buy card stock and page covers it might still be cheaper than buying a ready made binder.

Here is my binder "in progress" (after inserts were made but before I sorted, cleaned, and organized the thing):

Here is the outside (along with my "go mom" planner, which was NOT really thrifty, but I LIVE by the thing- it is the absolute coolest thing ever for a busy mom with a scattered brain like me. It has room for EVERYTHING- medical info, vehicle info, addresses, phone #'s, babysitters, directions... plus, of course, the planner. And while it was kinda pricey at first I can just replace the inserts each year.)- the front has a pocket for a cover insert, and I put my groccery list in there so I can see it without opening the

This is the meal plan page- the page is laminated so that I can write on it with a dry erase marker and erase it as needed, although I am refining this system at the moment- I'm working on a universal meal plan to cut down on time, with four weeks of meals planned out for winter and four for summer, with ready made groccery lists. I'll just have to figure out how to resolve this with my newfound thriftiness:)

And this is one of the coupon pages. I made my pockets larger than the tutorial called for, and the bottom is one long pocket.

I also plan on having pages for the store circulars (which I will print off the computer).

Next Challenge- actually finding the deals and using the coupons!


hotness, the said...

Oh brandis, I heart that you are more organized than I. I love binders, lists, and calendars with an unholy passion (almost). I've got 2 planners, my work Outlook, a personal Outlook, plus my blackberry. Probably more organizing than I need, but with school, work, and racket, I find I have things to write down. When I am unemployed, I propose we have crafting days.

Lisa said...

I love your blog and the one year without new clothes... 2010 count me in.

I just made a binder to hold all those cute tutorials that you can print out on the crafty websites (I too am an addict)with some sheet protectors to hold the pattern pieces too.

Mish said...

Great job on the pocket protectors. I love that you changed the sizes - that was exactly my point! Glad you found my tut useful!

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