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Back to the yogurt... I'm gonna make Pinkberry!

I was looking for something treat/desserty to make for a party Izzy is going to tomorrow, and I found this recipe... it's for frozen yogurt, ala pinkberry! I flippin' LOVE pinkberry- I'm not really a huge ice cream fan, but I just love the kind of sweet, kind of tangy taste of pinkberry's yogurt. I had always wondered how exactly frozen yogurt was made, but had never bothered to look it up- sounds ridiculously simple.

But, I don't have an ice cream freezer. And I'm not gonna buy one.

No problem, because I have this:
It's like fate. I never buy coffee in actual cans, or I didn't used to until I started really cracking down on my budget- I had been buying folgers in the plastic cans. And I would have never bought the small cans, but they were B1G1 at CVS. And it just ran out!

But how, you may be asking yourself, is she going to make ice cream out of coffee cans? It's really simple. We used to do this for 4-H every year- we had an ice cream roll. You get a friend (it can be done alone, but it's harder and not as fun). Then you mix the ice cream mix in the smaller can and duct tape it closed. Put the little can inside the big can and fill the spaces around the little can with ice and rock salt, much like you would in an ice cream maker. Then you tape THAT can shut. Once that is all done, you roll the can back and forth for ten minutes or so until the ice cream is frozen!

So, if I can get all my other stuff done, Izzy and I might just be rolling frozen yogurt tomorrow.


ETA We did this, and while the yogurt turned out super yummy, the process was kind of a pain. I have done it many times before so I kind of knew this, and it's still an awesome thing to do, but it's not a great activity to do with a 2 year old. She got tired of rolling it after like two seconds, so Daddy just had to shake it (I was busy with something else) and his hands got REALLY cold. But, as I said, very yummy yogurt!

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