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Guess what I made!

I did this last week, but I was so busy I didn't post. I made yogurt! I got the method from the Crock Pot Lady (it's in my blogroll, I'm too tired to link right now). It was so ridiculously simple I'm never going to buy yogurt again (unless, of course, I need new starter!). I left it overnight, then in the am I lined a colandar with t-shirt rags and let the yogurt drain for most of the morning. When it was done it was thick, creamy, mild- it tasted almost exactly like sour cream! Best plain yogurt I've ever had. And mixed with a little honey it's to die for! And I saved the whey and made muffins, although I need to look up a better way (haha, whey) to do that. Wow, I'm tired.

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Betsy said...

Now you need to make your own cottage cheese... to die for... really amazing. I think it would make a good dessert topped with some berries... mmmmm. I've been making my own yogurt for years and cottage cheese was even easier in some ways! Check out this: cottage cheese

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