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Have you ever thought twice about your baby lotion?

When I was pregnant with my first I had no idea about so many things. I didn't even give the environment much thought. Then I went to Moms Joining Moms and got my toes wet with all the information there is on mommydom. It was the beginning of an obsession.

One thing that I learned was that the baby wash and lotion that I was so dutifully applying to my baby wasn't safe. It turns out that the FDA, which is a blanket organization to regulate all food, drugs, and personal care products. So, being underfunded and overworked like almost all other government organizations, they kind of look the other way when it comes to the more benign category of personal care products. As of 2006 when I read the article there were only 5 ingredients that were banned from use in personal care products, while European countries had hundereds.

I was introduced to the Environmental Working Group and their website. On their site they have a lovely database that includes thousands of personal care products and their safety ratings. It also breaks down each ingredient in the product, that ingredient's rating (the average of the ingredient rating is how they get the product rating, I believe), and why that ingredient isn't safe. I LOVE this database and use it as a source to choose or eliminate any product I use on myself or my children. When you visit the website listed above look for the link to the Skin Deep Database.

So check it out when you're bored for a minute. Enter your kid's lotion or baby wash (lotion tends to be the worst, though). See how it scores and WHY. Some people choose not to care. Sure, we can't all be fanatics about everything. I personally couldn't not care.

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