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I am finally getting started!

I finally got started on Izzy's summer clothes last night- with sewing (or not sewing, as it turned out) for Vegas, recovering from Vegas, my Mother in law's visit, and the consignment sale I was too busy. So last night I got out all of Izzy's lovely yellow fabric and I cut out another practice run on the flower girl dress, a skirt, and a pair of capris. I was going to cut out a top, too, but I needed to look up the tutorial online and it got late (too late for drafting patterns based on vague internet directions, anyhow).

I got the dress 99% finished today- all that's left is the hand work, and we all know I'll procrastinate that:) But, after much bribing, I talked Izzy into trying it on. The reason I did yet another practice run is because I still had to make the bodice smaller and I wanted to make

sure it fit right. So here it is- or as best as I could get. She would sit for me to take her picture, but when I tried to get her to stand all she would do was run away. She can be a contrary little sprite.

And running away from me...

and running...

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