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Makin' babyfood.

Making babyfood is so not blog worthy on it's own.  Cook veggies.  Puree Veggies.  Freeze veggies.  The end- at least for the first foods.  BUT, as I was putting my little cubes of carrots and peas in the freezer I had to stop and admire the colors.

 Ah, pretty.  Then I realized how easily amused I now am.


Anonymous said...

I thought carrots had too many nitrates and were unsafe for homemade baby food? they are pretty though.

Cute stroller find by the way.

Brandislee said...

I was wondering the same thing- what I found said it was fine, just don't use the water you boil them in to thin the carrots (like they said to do with the other veggies). And these are organic, but does that make a difference?

Anonymous said...

my sister makes babyfood for her sons- she's always recommended the same website you posted and I just remembered her always telling me not to make carrots. I've tried to make babyfood- my kids won't eat it, they won't it any storebought either, they're difficult like that.

Brandislee said...

My first was like that- I don't know about homemade because I wasn't making much of it myself then, but she ate purees for like a month and was over it. I had to figure out how to get her variety that she was able to pick up and chew on her own at nine months- not an easy accomplishment! I just steamed the heck out of veggies and cut them small. I did this in large batches and froze them in serving sizes (much like with baby food). I was working nights at the time, so this made it easy for my hubs to just thaw one out come meal time. But she ate pretty much all veggies, cubed tofu, lots and lots of cheerios, frozen waffles, well cooked pasta and rice (that was closer to a year)... I can't even remember what all, but I had to get creative!

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