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Nitrates in Babyfood

For those of you interested in making your own babyfood, but scared to do it, check out this site:

It is a comprehensive resource on the what and the how of making your own baby's food, which is both thrifty and crunchy.

Specifically, they have an article on nitrates in babyfood.  In summary, it states that most nitrates in vegetables are naturally occuring and that, once a baby is around three months old, their stomaches produce a bacteria that breaks down the nitrate before it turns into dangerous nitrites that cause "blue baby syndrome."  And we all know that babies under three months shouldn't really be eatting any veggies anyway.  And, contrary to popular belief, commercial babyfoods contain nitrates as well because they can't be removed (even organics).  So, in answer to Gwen's question, homemade carrots are fine- just don't use the water you boil the carrots in to water down the puree.

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