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The Savvy Chic Kids Consignment Sale.

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this sale was.  This is only the second they have done in this area (it is now a bi-yearly event- spring and fall) and there was sooooo much stuff- I can't even imagine what it will be like after a few more when word really gets out and interest has built up.  And let me tell you, volunteering is definately the way to go.  Volunteers get the very first crack at all the merchandise, which is a HUGE advantage... that's how I got this:This Combi double stroller was $35 (pause for sharp intake of breath).  Do you know how much these are new?  Yeah, neither did I.  I don't memorize these things.  I just knew that it was the first double I had actually seen in person that didn't make me cringe due to its size- this one is remarkably narrow and much lighter than my single.  And you should have seen Izzy's face- the main reason I decided to get it was not because I NEED one- Izzy would usually rather walk, and I've done alright thus far without one.  But the one thing she has had a hard time dealing with since Ollie was born is giving up her stroller.  She didn't care when he took her crib, she has only had moments of rebellion over sharing me, but every time I put him in the stroller she would loose it.  And at this price?  We'll be taking walks daily.

And here's another item for Izzy- a new doll bed.  The one she had hardly counted as a doll bed- it was a cheap-o target thing made out of a few pieces of plastic piping with some polyester hung in between (obviously purchased before I went all crunchy).  Sadly, I probably spent almost as much on that one as I did on this lovely new one- made of wood, and in brand new condition.  Not a scratch on the wood, or a stain on the bedding.  She refused to part with it the moment she saw it.  I am not at all an indulgent parent, and since I seldom buy her things Izzy seldom asks (I think she's not old enough yet, I'm sure she'll start someday, but even my mother-in-law, when we were at Disneyland amid all the shops selling junk directed at kids, marveled at how she didn't once ask for anything except for a balloon).  But she looked like she was ready to chain herself to this bed if I refused to buy it, and the price was right.

I also got one of those nursing covers with the rigid band in it so you're covered but can see baby- and for about 1/2 of what they sell for.  It was brand new in the package- one of the organizers of the sale actually makes them and had some there for sale.  

And ah, the clothes.  So many clothes.  This is a Small Paul (Paul Frank's kids label), and I also got a teenie wahini dress (totally adorable! it's the yellow one below), a Hirijuku Lover's tshirt, and other various name brand stuff.  The highest pricetag was $8.  Love it!

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