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I think I have a problem

I think I'm addicted to Etsy. I bought three things I really didn't need last night, and I am so supposed to be on a budget (shhhh... don't tell my husband!). Well, one I did kind of need. I bought an amber teething necklace for Ollie. I have a bunch of friends who swear by them and, while I'll give it to him if he's miserable, I don't like to give him meds. I hope that between teething tabs (which I still need to buy!) and this necklace we won't need much. It was a steal compared to commercially made ones at $10, and it looks very safe- knots between each bead, magnetic closure so it's not (as much of) a choking hazard (of course, use only with supervision and common sense). I'll post a pic as soon as I get it.

I also bought a photo I've had on my favorites list for months. I finally decided that if I don't buy it and someone else snatches it up I'll regret it. It's an 8x8 picture of a sky blue cup of espresso, taken through the viewfinder of an old camera. It's adorable. All of my kitchen/dining room "art" is coffee themed, and I love the colors and the retro look of the picture. It, as well, was a steal compared to buying a similar item (which would be a reproduction- this is an original! Can a photo be called an original?) at a chain store.

And, lame person that I am, I bought my mother's day gift. This year I wanted a necklace with both of my kids' names on it. I hinted to my husband a few months ago (maybe I did it too soon)... okay, I didn't so much hint as send him a picture of the exact one I want with the message "mother's day is coming up, hint hint." Maybe that was still too subtle. But unless he got totally sneaky and created a new paypal account he still hasn't bought it. So I did it myself. Now I'll feel like a total tool if he DID get me one. But, I did decide I wanted a different one than the one I suggested to him, so it's a good thing I did it myself (I guess...).

To his credit, I was complaining the other day about how much I want a stand mixer and he told me to buy myself one for mother's day. I decided to wait, though. It's not a small investment, and I want a NICE one. A nice GREEN one:)

I also have some pictures of things I've made this past week.
I made a case for my sunglasses so they don't get all scratched up floating around in my mess of a diaper bag.

And I made an earring holder, something I was in desparate need of. I love long earrings, and until now I had been storing them in a little plastic container where they would rub up against each other an get tangled and scratched up. I was looking for ideas on craftster and found several ideas, and using things I had laying around the house I came up with this:

I ALMOST used a little piece I have left from making my Mai Tei, but I decided I love that fabric too much- I plan on stretching the piece I have left over a frame and hanging it as is. And the green "ribbon" is actually some hem tape (antique hem tape, at that) that Kerrie sent me when she sent me all the buttons- she didn't just send me buttons, she sent me hem tape, bias tape, ribbon, zippers, a HUGE spool of piping... basically I never need to buy trims again:) AND when she sent me my mother-in-law's mother's day present (she made her a necklace- she makes lovely jewelry) she sent me even more buttons. But I loved the color of the hem tape, so I decided to show it off. Now it's hanging in my bathroom and is not only cute, but space saving:)

Next on my project to do list- diapers diapers diapers. I need to get started on Ollie's larges because his growth has not slowed- he's almost 20lbs! I have 2 lbs left (and probably less) before I need larges. And I've had to put a little work into fixing some of his mediums so they last (and so they're re-sellable!).

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Kerrie said...

We have the same additctions! I want one of those little sunglass bags! I am still working on that silly laptop bag and it isnt getting made fast since I am only allowed to work on it at night, so it may be awhile. Thanks for the necklace order, Sue now wants 3 pairs of earrings. :)

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