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Lovely Baby Shoes

I made these baby shoes for Ollie the other day, and I have to say, I love them. First of all, they stay on (he wore them an entire day at Sea World). And they're adorable. And they're recycled, mostly. The green fabric is new, but the corduroy is from a jacket I picked up at the Goodwill and the lovely brown buttons are from the HUGE lot of buttons Kerrie sent me.

I think this is about a quarter of the buttons she sent me. I felt the need to sort them by color:) A little anal, I know, but it makes it MUCH easier to find the right color. It's still hard to find a pair of any one button, since most of them are probably singles.

I thought Izzy would enjoy helping me sort them because she is usually all about order. But her idea of order and my idea of order are apparently very different.


Kerrie said...

I may have some more possibly in sets if you are interested? I haven't sorted them to see what I can use but there are some different colors from the mess I sent you before:) Hope you guys have a Happy Easter!

Kerrie said...

I was wondering about that as I have recently had the same problem since they are all vintage. Most of the ones that I currently have aquired are newer "old" buttons and hopefully wont be as bad. What does Scott know about crafts? Colin has no clue other than that he should stay out of it. They are probably both just shaking their heads at us. :)

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