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This is what happens when I'm productive...

One of my friends just had a baby. I had been planning on making her a pair of baby shoes, but since for some insane reason she didn't find out the gender (yes, I know lots of people do that, I just personally couldn't handle the suspense) I waited until the baby was born to pick a fabric. So the baby was born on Sunday morning (happy easter)- it's a girl! I started on the shoes in the lovely fabric pictured. Then on Monday I went to a cloth diaper garage sale hosted by one of the members of my cloth diaper meetup group (it was awesome, btw- a great idea and fun to boot). Ollie just happened to be wearing this outfit

(outfit is from Eli Monster on Etsy- it's awesome, they make awesome and super cute cloth diapers and other baby stuff- I was just looking at her site and saw that she has fleece longies like the ones to the left made with the same Amy Butler fabric I made my burpie out of, but in a different color... gotta love the Amy Butler!) when my friend saw his outfit she was like "oh my goodness, is that bad luck club fabric? Check out this burpie baby set!" So she showed me and I just had to get it (it was a steal, too, so I don't even feel guilty for it!).

This is the one I got- it's awesome, it was like fate. If you've never seen a burpie baby set, here's the big deal- A) they have super cute fabrics, and B) the burp cloth folds into a little clutch, secured with snaps, so that it can hold all it's little pieces and whatever else you want to slide in there, so you can use it either to help organize your diaper bag OR as a diaper clutch (and in my opinion, diaper clutches are usually way overpriced- this one runs cheaper and you get much more bang for your buck)It's the very same fabric as the longie set, which was something special that Daddy picked out for him for Christmas, and it will be an awesome bib to use on outings (because I'll keep the whole set in my diaper bag- super cute things like this aren't made for home use, they need to be shown off!), and the onesie is in his size. I tried briefly to find places online that sell these, but had no luck. I DID find the creator's blog, though- HERE. Now if only I could find some shorts from the same fabric, or some of the fabric itself, so he could have a summery set. Or better still, a matching diaper- I'm all about the tshirt/diaper look for summer:)

Then as I was looking at the set (admiring it's genius and adorableness actually) I was like "I could make a few of these pieces to match the baby shoes!" NOTE: I am not ever going to make any of these pieces to sell (I mean, I don't make anything to sell now, but if I ever do, I won't) and I don't THINK making them for personal use or to give as gifts violates any patent laws. If they do, please let me know because I don't want to be breaking any laws here.

So here is my finished product- I only made the bib and the burp cloth, in addition to the baby shoes (wasn't really inspired enough to appliqué, and I wasn't sure what shape I would do with the print). Personally I think it's pretty darn cute. Personally it kinda makes me wish I had a girl. Personally I just kinda LOVE Amy Butler- it's one of the few fabrics (and a few Michael Miller prints) that I will splurge on. Of course, this fabric was supposed to become a skirt for me, but what do you want to bet I end up making a few more baby sets out of it and don't have enough for a skirt? I mean, everyone I know is having a girl:)

I am also making this same friend some flannel wipes (she's going to use cloth- yeah!) and a Mai Tei- I started the wipes, and I have the fabric for the Mai Tei. I can't start on the Mai Tei, however, until I refine my pattern. Pictures of my Mai Tei to follow. Not to tease you or anything, but the fabric is so pretty I kind of want to make out with it.

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