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A Family Hike.

I love the outdoors, but it's kind of a love/hate relationship. In theory, and in a very idealistic way, I love nature. But I don't like biting bugs, or snakes, or extreme heat, or sleeping on the ground. So I'm really moderately outdoorsy. Not a "hey let's go rough it for a week" kind of outdoorsy person. Even when my husband wants me to go on a day trip I usually politely decline... mostly because his "day trips" involve driving over rocks and the like, and I'm really not into that. I'm more into, say, sitting under a tree with a book. So he had to do a lot of convincing to get me to take this trip. I'm such a lucky wife. We had so much fun on our little family outing. There was a low point- right when we got there the place nearest the parking area was totally trashed. Apparently a family had been camping there and had left ALL their trash- a bag full of who knows what, a bunch of STYROFOAM plates and cups, plastic bags, and (the worst) a dirty diaper. I was so disgusted and angry that it almost ruined the trip. Next time I go I am definitely going to take a couple trash bags so I can clean up messes like that. However, when we left there was a man (no idea if he was just a good soul or a park employee- he wasn't wearing anything to identify him as such and was driving a regular vehicle) cleaning up.

But the rest of the trip was AWESOME. Even with Ollie in the Moby and Izzy on foot we managed to hike quite a long way up stream, in the water. I went bare foot for 75% of the hike. I hate wearing shoes in the water, and only after my feet were absolutely raw did I put my shoes back on. And then I fell down because the shoes made me overly confident:) Ollie was fine- he didn't even wake up when I fell! And Izzy walked the entire way- Dad only had to carry her over parts that were particularly rocky or deep.

Anyway, some pictures of the beautiful scenery... looking at these pictures reminds me of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area.

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