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I forgot about the Monster

... but before I get to the monster, I have a problem. I need to find a gift for one of Izzy's playgroup friends. His third birthday is coming up at the end of May. I am notoriously a bad gift picker-outer, so I've been trying to put more thought into my gifts lately. I've also been trying to either make the gifts I give or buy handmade, usually off of Etsy (I should probably look up local craft fairs, though). So what should I get for a very active three year old boy? His mom told me that he likes sports and music, but that he likes pretty much anything. I don't really want to get him a sit down activity because he's super active and, as much as his mom would probably LOVE me if I found something that he would sit quietly and do for a while, it would be more hit and miss. Something more active would definately be a hit. It sounds a little lame, but I was thinking about making him one huge cloth block, big enough that it could be used as a seat, or tossed around etc, and giving mom some ideas for him to use it as a game. I was reading a new blog yesterday (coincidentally, I think I've found my blog soulmate- it's called just tutes. It's got pattern free/pattern light instructions for making lots of adorable things, and she does a lot of kid based stuff, and it seems that she either runs or has run a home daycare... and she has had dreads. I've always want dread locks. (is that how you spell that?) What has stopped me? As with many things, I fear commitment.) and she had a lot of suggestions for fun things to do with a cloth block. One game in particular that sounded fun and age appropriate- make up an action to go with each color, then toss the block and do the action it lands on, OR just toss the block and make up a new action each time it lands (better for younger kids).

But, is just one big cloth block a lame gift? I don't know. I've been scouring Etsy, too, but there is so much baby stuff and not a lot that's more appropriate for active toddler/preschool age children. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Now for the Monster. My Grandma just had double bypass surgery a few weeks ago. Thank GOD she is doing well now- I'm really close to my Grandma and I can't even phathom things going any other way... I don't even want to think about it. Anyway, as I get well gift Brianna (my baby sister, in case you forgot) suggested that Izzy paint her a picture. As Izzy painted I thought maybe that I, in my newfound craftiness, should make her something, too. Since my craftiness hasn't evolved enough yet for me to start coming up with things completely on my own I began to scour the internet for something to make her. I wanted to either sew or knit something that was basically useless but that just made a person smile to look at. After looking everywhere I could think of I finally found THIS PATTERN on, probably my favorite knitting site (so many things on there I want to make... but I'm not doing any more knitting until July). It's a little creature that doubles as a finger warmer- you fill it with a little rice/lavendar sachet which you microwave and then keep in your pocket to warm your fingers with. Since I didn't think the warming element was necessary I left out the rice and just filled the sachet with lavendar. It's a little strong, so hopefully it doesn't overpower. But lavendar is supposed to be soothing. I probably should have included a plain stuffed sachet to replace the lavendar one should it be unsavory, but I wasn't thinking about that. So, here is the monster. Personally I think he's adorbale.

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cait said...

You made that?! That's the effing cutest thing ever. I need to learn how to knit!

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