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The first (not quite finished) curtain.

Just popping in to show a picture of my in-process curtains. They are my sister's wedding present. They're tricky curtains, but I'm not going to give away how they are tricky, because I want to possibly sell them if they continue to go this well. And no, they don't look fantastic, because they're not finished. they're pinned to my curtain rod because I haven't put tabs on them yet, and the bottom isn't hemmed. I was trying to see how the hung and get the overall affect. Personally I think they look pretty good:)

This is a gift for my OTHER sister- doesn't really compare to curtains, I know, but she's not getting married. I may make her a different one- this fabric looked good in a big piece, but in this application I think it looks like I cut up a Hawaiian shirt. I'm also looking for a bright colored button for it, which should help it a little. I'm really posting it so she can tell me if she likes it or not. (it's a sunglass case, if you couldn't tell:)

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