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Green Your Kitchen, Part 1- A preview

Two posts in one day, I know. I haven't been this bloggy for a while. But I've been working on something and I want to share what I've come up with.

I've decided I'm going to invest in two things in the near future. First, I'm going to get some great new dishes. We've been using mismatched cheap Target dishes and correllware for way too long. I want something pretty. Something me. Something that makes me smile every time I see it (because if it doesn't do that I might as well stick with the correll). And I want to make sure I get something reasonably eco-friendly. Not that dishes are historically an un-eco friendly item, but still. And it doesn't hurt that the designs that have really knocked my socks off have been from the selections of eco-friendly dishes I have found.

I also looked on Etsy and found some really beautiful stuff. And there are some reasonably priced dishes on there as well. But, of course, the ones that were so beautiful they make me want to cry (and that's exactly what I'm looking for) were WAY out of my price range. However it is definately worth a look. Everyone has different taste, so you may be able to find something you love that's affordable.

But the dishes that I love and that I will likely buy are these. They are from VivaTerra, and they have a variety of other colors and styles to choose from, most of which are made out of recycled glass.

The ones I'm really jonesing for are THESE sea glass looking dishes.
But they're over twice as expensive and my liking of them over the others isn't that substantial.

***Edited to add- After much more research into this company (because if I'm going to drop that much $$ on dishes I want to know that they are good ones!) I am seriously reconsidering ordering anything from them. I have never seen so many bad reviews for both products and service. Many MANY claims of dishonest shipping and charging practices as well as many claims that what is pictured is not always what is shipped is more than enough to convince me to go elsewhere.

I am going to contact the company to see if they have a response to these many claims- I'll get back to you with their response. We'll see if it's a bunch of BS or if they actually own up and claim to have improved (or if they respond at all).

ANYWAY... I'm also looking at replacing all my plastic food storage with glass and other non-plastic materials. Right now I'm planning on being boring and just going with pyrex. They're durable, affordable, and easy to find. However, I have reservations about replacing all my plastic with something... with... plastic... lids. Anyone have any insight on whether or not this is as bad as I feel like it is? The problems with glass lids- more expensive, less selection, and I figure I would be more likely to drop the lids and break than the containers themselves.

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Brianna said...

I heart pyrex dishes. The little ones that you'd put leftovers in also double as individual casserole type dishes that you can use to make lunches in and stuff like that. I don't know if Scott would be into that for lunch or anything but I think its cool. Not that I have anything pyrex, but if I did, thats what I'd do with it!

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