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My latest creation

As with most of my projects it's nothing super great. Not going to inspire world peace or win me a nobel prize or anything. But I like it, and it's only a jumping off point for a future product. It's a cover for my coupon binder. In this form it's just a generic binder cover. What I would like to do is add things to it, like a clear vinyl pocket (I know I know, vinyl isn't exactly eco-friendly... I have wrestled with this idea for that reason) for a shopping list either on the front or on the inside flap. In case you had forgotten, my coupon binder looks like THIS. I like this particular binder because you can slide a page into the cover- I use that for my groccery list. So pretty as this binder cover is, if I continue to use it (and I hope to) I'll have to reconfigure my setup. My plan is to shop with my coupon binder open (so I can see my already sorted-by-store coupons) and have the shopping list on the inside cover somehow. Because I don't take my kids shopping, so I can use the seat in the shopping cart for all my stuff instead. It's like my weekly kid-cation:) But I just threw this together last night while I watched Twilight (for the 52nd time... because I'm still obsessed) and enjoyed a few cocktails, mostly to make sure I had the logistics of it straight in my head.

I've also finished and listed three more sets on napkins for my shop (check it out!) and really need to finish the curtains for my sister's wedding gift... because her wedding was three weeks ago:) I did give her the first set (for the dining room) but I still have to finish the living room and the kitchen. I'm kind of over the curtains right now, though. I have some other ideas for pillow cases and Duvet covers, but they are far more ambitious and may just remain ideas for a while. Ah, if only there were more hours in the day! Or a nanny who was willing to work for free:)

And no, I haven't forgotten the Green Head to Toe Series... next one is just pretty big because I'm on the belly and I'm going to talk about organic and local food. That's a pretty hefty topic. And I'm also trying to organize this stupid blog so it's easier to find past posts (um... mostly for me.)

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