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Our Nifty New Footwear

We got new shoes! I know, I did the post on green feet a while ago, but I didn't want to buy new shoes until we actually needed them, since buying more crap just to buy it isn't exactly eco friendly, either.

So Izzy needed new shoes for "school" because they can't wear sandals or any open toed shoes. Well, the girl only has sandals. So I figured now was the time to buy some really well made eco-friendly shoes that will last her a while. They are Simple Shoes, called "poodles." I think they're adorable. Finding eco-friendly kids shoes was not easy, though. I wanted to get a pair for Oliver too but there was even less selection and he's still growing a lot faster than Izzy is. I had enough of a hard time parting with the $$ for Izzy's! So instead he got a pair of Pedipeds that were on sale for $19 (which is a great deal on great shoes!).

And when I was looking at her shoes I just happened to click on the "sale" button, kind of hoping for some sneaks on sale. Well, they had BOOTS on sale. I had just been thinking about how I wanted to buy some boots for this winter. Well it's not like I'm gonna grow! I mean, Simple boots, for less than half of what they sell for normally. I was excited, so I decided to splurge. They're flippin' awesome.

And those are my beloved TOMS. I have had those for a few weeks. Actually, I felt a little guilty about those- I bought them at a TOMS sample sale in Santa Monica (Izzy and I went with a friend of mine) for only $15. Why the guilt? Well, I'm supposed to also be paying for a pair of shoes for an underprivledged child in an undeveloped country. They are still donating a pair, I just don't feel like I pulled my weight:) They are mens, and they are Taupe (I wanted yellow ones, but the selection was kind of limited by the time I got there). But they are still cute and they are SUPER comfy.


Brianna said...

Its kind of pathetic that even just a picture of Izzy's feet make me smile and miss her. I love the boots, glad I told you to go for it. And I am super jealous of your TOMS, I want the ash ones that are in the new line. But they cost money and I dont know what that is so I will have to wait.

Meg said...

Hi there! :D I really love your blog--I hope you don't mind if I link back to it from my own. It's properly labeled and everything...I just want people who enjoy my blog to see some of the places I get my inspiration. Thanks, and keep on keepin' on! :P

Anonymous said...

I love how Izzy has a band-aid on her knee. That makes me smile. :)


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