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Say Wat??

I know I know, that's a really lame joke. I just couldn't resist.

I made Ethiopian food last night. I have to preface my explanation by saying that, despite the fact I had to start one little thing Sunday night this was really easy to make. I made Injera (a flatbread made with Teff) and Mesir Wat (Wat is a traditional Ethiopian stew and the national dish and can be made with any number of main ingredients). On Sunday night I just had to mix some Teff flour (found at my local health food store) and some water and let it sit at room temperature. It's really similar to making a sourdough starter. Here's what it looked like when I first mixed it-
...and here is what it looked like after sitting at room temperature for three days.
This is my first and second (failed!) attempts at cooking the injera. It took some practice to get the batter to spread evenly and to get the skillet the right temperature (at first it was too hot).
And here are my red lentils. I just think they're pretty:)
And here we have the finished dish. The zucchini is just regular sauteed zucchini (ie not ethiopian... I haven't yet found out what would be a traditional ethiopian vegetable side dish). They don't use utensils- to eat the wat you tear of palm sized pieces of Injera and scoop it up. I thought it was delicious. The kids balked (as expected) but didn't know what they were missing out on. So they ate zucchini. I don't cater to picky kids in my house:)

And bonus- I used the leftover lentil mixture the next day to make some ridiculously delicious bean and cheese burritos. That the kids, btw, thought were delicious.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I am VERY impressed.

Your injera was a lot darker than the one at the ethiopian restaurant. Did you use a different grain? It looks delicious!

You 're going to need to teach me.

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