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Buckwheat pancakes and stuff...

First here is Izzy's lace up dress. My pictures are not great, I know- one thing the iphone doesn't do that well and my other camera was on the charger.
I don't like to hem (hand hem, that is- haven't learned how to get the same effect of an invisible hem on the machine) so I did this instead:
And here are the pancakes.
I was really pleased with how they turned out. Not dense or grainy at all. They had a flavor that was significantly different than regular pancakes- a little sour, like sourdough (and very similar to the injera that I made several weeks ago). That was likely more due to the overnight sponge than the grain itself. I think the reason these were more successful than other buckwheat recipes, actually, is because that soured taste (and the syrup they're covered in!) covers up any unsavory tastes. I was pleasantly surprised, though. So here's one wheat free option for our pancake nights (FYI- they're gluten free, too... at least the way I made them).
Hmm... my food photography is slowly improving (even with my phone). I don't have the time or desire to copy the recipe tonight, but I will do it soon! If you're impatient, go to your local library or bookstore and look up the "Little House on the Prairie Cookbook." If you do this and want to make them wheat or gluten free just use 3 cups of buckwheat flour instead of 2 cups of buckwheat and 1 cup wheat flour.

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