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Lace up Dresses, 90 minute shirts, and wheat free baking.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Those are my plans for this week. I've cleaned my sewing area so now it is, well, accessible and just clean enough to not kill all desire to sew. And I have such a ridiculous stash of fabric I have no excuse for spending any money. But what really got my motivation going were some tutorials I discovered yesterday. As I finish these lovely items I'll post my versions, but here are the links to my inspirations:

  • Lace Up Dress by indietutes/Little Prints patterns on Etsy. I love indietutes and I'll tell you why. If there is web karma that lady has a ton of it (and the good kind). Because you know all those tutes you find and at the bottom say "for personal use only, do not sell" etc. etc. Hers, at the bottom, says "since I believe that when I give I should give with both hands, this is the area where I tell you to go ahead and use the information on this website in any way that you need to. Good luck to you." I take this two ways- she's so awesome she knows some women out there are desperate to support themselves and may use her tutes to do so. And that she realizes that people may do it anyway, so she gives them her blessing and lets THEM earn the bad karma:) She also sells her patterns on Etsy (store in second link above), but pretty much every pattern in her Etsy store is ALSO available as a free tute on her blog. I bought the pattern (and another) knowing this. So why would I, little miss frugal, pay for something I know I can get for free? Because I think it's important to support the "little guy," so to speak. And I specifically want to support Chastity because she has so many wonderful tutes on her blog that she lets anyone use for free, and I think she should be rewarded for doing so. (I'm also making the boys pants pattern, also from her Etsy shop, this week with some modifications)
  • the 90 minute shirt by Made. Somehow I missed it, but right now the month of the Boy is going on. So Made (along with Made by Rae and many others) has a wealth of posts and projects for boys... which is nice because while there are tons of dresses and skirts out there in tute-dom there isn't much for boys beyond sleevey pants. Between this pattern and the pants pattern from indietutes Oliver should be set for the summer.
My goal is to finish these before I start on any new projects, so for right now I'm trying to not even look for more. I briefly noticed that Made also features a really cute skirt... later:)

Because besides sewing the three things I mentioned above (and the ensuing frustration, cussing, and starting over that always accompanies my sewing), I also plan to do a good deal of wheat free baking this week. I am currently holding for an ingredient- my local health food store was out of xanthan gum this morning (grrr....) so I'm going back on Wednesday to get that. In the mean time I'll look for recipes that don't require it, but I'm new to this whole wheat free baking thing so I'm not sure what has what baking properties and what I can sub... I need like a book on that, BTW. I looked at the book section of the health food store and they had one wheat free book, not exclusively on baking, and while the baking recipes looked promising, every single one of them called for yogurt. If it were just milk I'd sub it for either a milk-sub or water, but I figure yogurt has a significant affect on the outcome if it's called for. And I wasn't going to spend $25 on a book that wasn't going to help me.

Here's what I would like to bake:

  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Flatbread (if Oliver would eat it, but he's picky about bread, which is why I'm not going to attempt a loaf bread).
  • Biscuits
  • Crackers, because wheat free crackers are EXPENSIVE and I think it's the thing he's missed the most.
Also, does anyone know anything about using Brewer's yeast to replicate a cheesy type taste? I have a recipe for cheesy kale chips that doesn't actually have cheese, and it calls for brewer's yeast. Could I do that with crackers?

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Jenn the Greenmom said...

Thank you for introducing me to indietutes, and this dress pattern! I think my daughter needs a few of these...

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