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Thrifty Tip Tuesday

This is a quick one- cancel your cable! Yes, I can hear the collective gasping echoing from around the country, but it's not as bad as you think (from one ex-TV addict). First of all, few of us really think about the fact that you can still get TV for free... and in most areas you get quite a few channels. Now think about what you watch. I'll bet the things you REALLY care about watching are on one of the major networks. Also, think about how much of your life you spend mindlessly watching TV. Do yourself, your marriage, and your kids a favor- cancel your cable! We save $80+ a month, some save more (that was cable and our land line, actually, but still). And we do more together as a family. We talk more. And for those times that I am just DYING to turn the TV on for the kids (and I've tried absolutely everything else!) we still have a DVD player. And Phineas and Ferb on Youtube. And Netflix. We're definitely not entertainment deprived.

So do it. I dare you.

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