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To all husbands (even the good ones): a generic rant. Not aimed at anyone, I promise.

Dear husbands;

We understand that being nagged sucks. We get it. When you come home from work (or we come home from work, depending on the family dynamic) all you want to do is sit down and, well, do nothing for a minute. But you know what? Nagging sucks for us too. And while most of you will admit that you know that being a mom (be it stay at home or working) is hard work- hard, 24/7, thankless work (that sounds awful, but you know what I mean...thankless as in you never get a performance evaluation and you don't have a boss telling you "good job, we couldn't do it without you" and you don't get a raise... or any compensation for that matter save the love and hugs of your children and while that is wonderful it is easy to forget when you're having a bad day and there is no love and hugs and only screaming), you often don't act like you know that. And when we ask you to do something, something to help with the children you helped to create or the house you live and eat in, and we get a less than enthusiastic response it takes something from us. Little by little we begin to feel less like a loving wife and more like a nagging shrew. And after a few years of asking in such a manner we just stop asking, because the frustration of having to attend to the needs of others and a household (and often many other responsibilities) on our own isn't nearly as devestating as the loss of that last little bit of non-shrew.

Those of you who work hard (as most of you do) and particularly those whose wives are stay at home moms, we get it. Your job is harder than ours, and you bring home the proverbial bacon. But our job doesn't end. It's 24/7 365. Even when we're sleeping, we're working. We need help. Minute things, like a bag of trash taken out the first time we ask or toys put away (all the toys put away...) or the kids' teeth brushed. For the sake of your wife, your family, and your marriage- do them. Without being asked. If you don't know what needs to be done, look around. Then ask, "what can I do to help?" And if we ask you to do something, first of all understand the implied "now" (you all know what I mean!) and at the very least reply.

And to those of you who already do all of this- your wife is a very lucky woman. Remind her:)

Every mom in the world.

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