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Wheat free for Three weeks

In my Monday post I mentioned my recent interest in food allergies... because Monday morning I found out that Oliver is allergic to wheat and dairy, and Isabel is allergic to dairy. Now we just need to determine HOW allergic they are, so for the next three weeks we will be doing a total elimination diet. I have no problem with making wheat free dairy free meals, mostly thanks to my frequenting $5 Dinners and A Year of Slowcooking (see links in blogroll). It's snacks that will be hard. And finding three solid weeks of dairy free meals may be a little rough. We like cheese!

But snacks. That's going to require some research. I went to Clark's (a health food store) the other day and spent over $50 on snack food, chicken nuggets, and some GF bread mix. That's more than half of what would be our grocery budget- this time I took it out of our discretionary money, but I won't be able to do that again. It's only three weeks now but if I start re-introducing the foods and he shows a sensitivity at the lowest level then this will be a long term thing. I'll figure it out:)

Here's Oliver munching happily away on some rice crakers.

So far neither kid seems to be too concerned about their dietary changes, besides a mildly forlorn look from Izzy when I told her that she couldn't have cheese for a while.

Last night for dinner we had Chickpea, Potato, and Cabbage Curry. I kind of cheated and just threw all the ingredients in the crock pot and I think the recipe suffered a little for it. Or it could have been the curry I bought (it was cheap curry). It was edible but bland.

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Kerrie said...

Check out she has lots of links for Gluten free blogs etc.

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