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Commitment and Kitchen Decor

You may or may not know this, but I am a little commitment phobic. It's one of the many ways my husband and I have kind of reversed roles. During our entire relationship he has been the one who wanted to be serious, who wanted commitment, and most of the time my gut instinct was to run the other way. I didn't obviously, but I wanted to.

But this doesn't apply just to relationships. It applies to any decision that will have a long term affect. It has detrimentally affected my (lack of a) career because I delayed choosing a college major for 2 1/2 years (yes, I was undecided for that long). Then I choose something safe instead of something I felt passionate about. Then I hated it. So now I have no career (working on remedying this, don't you worry) because I couldn't commit to something. When we got engaged (after the desire to run away passed) and it came time to register I had the most awful time picking dishes (now I've figured out that dishes aren't such a permanent decision and have since got new dishes about every year...). And now, with a house to redo and decisions to make I can't... seem.... to make any. Paint is no big deal. If I hate the paint it's not too expensive to change my mind and paint over it. Hence the orange living dining room (not a decision that was that hard for me, although it was the 3rd color we sampled). But other living/dining room decisions have been more difficult. I can't seem to figure out my complimentary color scheme or fabrics. I bought some fabric (10 yards actually) that I thought I liked for the curtains, but I no longer like it. Now I'm thinking I'm just going to use gray for the accents, but I'm going to sit on that for a while before I drop another couple hundred dollars on fabric. And I have a new couch figured out, but I don't know if I want to stick with the gray (dark grey wool cover- love that it's wool, but it's pricier and a tad scratchy on the face) or go with either brown (better for staining, but may be too dark w/ the orange) or natural (pretty, but would show dirt). And the flooring- this decision is complicated by the fact that our floors aren't exactly level (typical in old houses) and most flooring options that I like would require leveling the floor. I was thinking a medium colored wide plank wood floor, but now that I've seen the variety of cork flooring I'm tempted to do cork throughout the whole house (except the bathroom), but would that be too much? I was originally concerned that cork would be too casual looking in the living/dining rooms, but I've seen some out there in webland that look almost like wood and less like cork.
And don't get me started on the kitchen. My considerations: I want a kitchen that is consistent with a farmhouse (ie not terribly modern, no granite, etc) but with modern touches. I want it to be durable and relatively low maintainance. I want it to be pretty. And I want it to be me. Here are my main dilemmas, all of which are more urgent because most of it I want at least decided upon soon:

  • Flooring. The kitchen has the most un-level floor of all main floor rooms. Briefly considered recycled rubber, but it's way too modern looking. Also considered wood plank, limestone or similar looking tile, linoleum (true linoleum or marmoleum, not vinyl flooring), or cork. This decision will influence what I put in the rest of the main floor as well.
  • Cabinet base color. The cabinet doors will be white and distressed- this much I know for sure. I am also going to build out the cabinet doors to make them look like shaker cabinets instead of plain plywood doors. That I am all pretty sure of. But I want the cabinet bases to be a color, at least the top ones, and every week the color changes. I know I want green, but the shade of green changes weekly. And every time it changes I have to change the color for the bottom base cabinets and opposite walls. Grr...
  • Contertops. If I were to base my choice strictly on visual impact, I would pick either limestone or soapstone. Unfortunately both of these stones require quite a bit of maintainence and are easily stained, degraded, or damaged since they are soft, porous stones. Granite is not an option- I understand that it's a great low maintainence surface, but I don't like the way it looks and there is no way I am going to shell out that much money for something I don't really like. I like some colors of recycled glass countertops, but most of them look too modern for the look I'm going for. I've also considered butcher block (also high maintainance), and linoleum.
  • The overall look. Like I said, I want a country kitchen with a little modern touch for contrast. I don't want the typical country kitchen with pale blue walls, salt shaker collections, and lacy curtains. I systematically reject anything frilly. I want something more along the lines of the french country kitchen. This kitchen is one of my principle inspirations:
Obviously it wouldn't be QUITE this rustic, but this is the kind of spirit I want in my kitchen. I love the open beams in the ceiling, the wood plank countertop, and the open upper shelving.

As I was writing this post I had a thought, as well. We are eventually going to add onto this house, and as of noon today we had no idea what we would add or where. Then we talked about it- there is a 10 x 10 (ish) patio between the kitchen and the garage and in front of the sunroom. It's a weeny little patio, not impressive at all, but if we were to rip it out and add on there it would allow us to move and slightly enlarge the kitchen (I like the size of the kitchen, but these other reasons are the big sellers), enlarge the single tiny bathroom, and have an actual entryway (which this house is sorely lacking). I've already made a rough sketch, although we couldn't have any concrete plans until we figure out exactly where we have to leave the supports for the load bearing wall. So, we've got to get a rough figure for how much this addition is going to cost and start saving. When I thought about it that way, I decided doing anything to the kitchen now would be a waste of money, so the decisions are, for now, deferred.

Good, now I can sleep again:)

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Bevie said...

Gee I thought I was the only one who had such strong feelings about what I want in my home. We've been remodeling since we bought it..hehehe!!! I'd love to have my kitchen look just like the picture you shared!!!!
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