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Seriously? Have we come this far?

Right now I can't even form thoughts about this comparison. So you tell me- look at the add in the following blog post:

Summer's Eve Ad

(if you really want to remain impartial, ONLY look at the scanned ad in the post and try to read it- if you have a hard time, the first point is transcribed directly above the ad) and THEN check out these ads and tell me if you think we've made progress:

Lysol Douche Advertisements

I mean, at least we're not squirting lysol up into our vaginas anymore... but doesn't that make you want to question every commercially produced product you use on your bod? I mean, FDA regulations haven't really changed that much since we were encouraged to wash out our vag area with LYSOL.

Another interesting article on the history of douching. If you're in the mood to be particularly amused, please read the last half of page 3...

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