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It's no wonder women are hysterical about pregnancy

Pregnancy has been very much on my mind for, oh, about a year. In my old circle of friends the next wave of babies was baking. We moved into a bigger house where the idea of squeezing in another human being didn't bring tears to my eyes (and not tears of joy, I tell you). My sister in law jumped on the preggo bandwagon. Now her bun is just about done cooking, and a good friend of mine just gave birth in the wee hours of this very Christmas morning. Babies! Babies everywhere!

And you know how when something is on your mind it seems to be everywhere around you? So I've noticed a lot of babies and pregnancy on tv lately. On soap operas. No, I don't watch soap operas (um... anymore), but I was vegging out in front of the TV this afternoon, looking for something to watch, and they were playing a Gilmore Girls mini marathon on the soap network and, well, I love and miss the Gilmore Girls. So I'm watching and they play a commercial for one of the major network soaps. The commercial goes something like this:

"All she wants for Christmas is her best friend and her boyfriend back, and his pregnant ex (dun dun dun) out of the picture." Cut to ex falling on her belly and moaning "the baby!"

Yes yes, I know, nothing on soap operas is realistic, so why would this be any different? But you can't loose a baby by falling on your stomach in your first trimester. In fact, you'd probably be fine even if you fell later in your pregnancy. Babies are very well padded in the uterus, and never more so than in the first trimester. Every reputable source I have found says that, in order for the baby be harmed, the mother will have to have sustained serious harm. So the only fall that is going to cause a miscarriage is possibly one of of a two story roof.

Same with water breaking being the signal of the start of labor, fainting as a sign of pregnancy, emotional trauma causing miscarriage, and having to rush a woman to the hospital the second she goes into labor. This is the stuff of tv and movie because it is dramatic- the truth wouldn't thrill audiences quite as much. But reality is usually very different.

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