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Need Help Getting Organized? I Got Your Back. Part 1.

I have touched on this in a few recent posts- simplifying Christmas and my quest to go paperless (or less paper, as much as I can). Both of these, on my part, were simply the latest steps in My life long quest for organization and efficiency. And since I have been working on this for years (and while you finish laughing at me because I have no life... It's true) I thought I'd share some of the methods that have worked best for me with those of you whose new year's resolution is "get organized." And because getting organized can be very overwhelming I am going to give one tool or strategy a week to help you start on your baby steps.

Oh, and if it weren't already apparent, my blog is... Well, not changing. Shifting perhaps. I'll continue to blog about issues relevant to parenting and child development. But I often feel I need to blog about things that are only tangentially related. So sometimes I will blog about serious parenting issues, and sometimes I will blog about more light hearted mom things. Or bread, because I'm obsessed with bread. A name change is coming soon, as soon as I'm back at my computer.

This week's organizational tip: is a great place to start if you really feel like your home is out of control. Or even if you don't. It is a totally free support site for what they refer to as SHE's- scattered home executives (although technically they borrowed that term from another organizational system that they often reference) who live in the midst of CHAOS- can't have anyone over syndrome. If you hadn't picked it up already, they're really big into acronyms and cutesy inspirational sayings that, well, kind of annoy me. But if you like that kind of thing and are seeking guidance and inspiration, this site is definitely for you. When you first visit the site, begin with their beginner babysteps (in the toolbar to the left) and don't move onto the next step until you've mastered one. Then, each day you will get an email containing some inspirational stories from fellow fly babies as well as the day's routines. The rest of the program focuses on routines, baby steps, planning, and, well, focus. Check it out. Follow it for a while, then make it your own.

For example, I refuse to wear shoes in the house, which is one of their recommendations (get up, get dressed to your shoes...) to increase focus. I've tried it, and it makes no difference for me. Plus I feel constricted when I have shoes on- must be the hippy in me:). I have also changed the weekly zones- I have five, and they are different than fly lady's. And while hers focus mostly on decluttering, mine include more deep cleaning tasks. But I do religiously use her "you are never behind!" mantra. If I don't finish a checklist for a particular zone, I move on to the next zone anyway, I don't try to play catch up. The key points from this system that helped me were the focus on routines, and not beating yourself up when something doesn't get done. I'm a total introvert, so the community aspect means little to me. But the community and the inspiration might be just the thing that helps you get organized this year.

Happy organizing!

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