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I love the first weeks of the new year. I know it's entirely mental- nothing has changed. It's still 5 degrees outside, my husband still works too much, my kids are still kinda whiny (they're having Grandma withdrawls, I think), my house is still messy, my laundry still needs to be folded, and my to do list is still growing faster than I can check things off. But I get really motivated to change things after the new year. I get reflective, which is great nostalgically, but it also gives me a chance to look at the areas of my life that I would like to change. And while actual change is as difficult for me as it is for most, the idea of change makes me really excited. Probably because I like to plan- change takes planning.

Of course my blogging was one of the areas on the "to improve list." I know I'm still missing a serious focus. But I've been reading more about blogging itself and about how some of my favorite blogs got started and became popular. And I'm learning a lot about that. Then yesterday I had an epiphany. A serious "aha" moment. Balance. I blog because I am searching for balance in my own life. The one piece of advice (because I give advice, that's what I do) I give to other mothers is to strive for balance, both in themselves and in their families. And it also ties together all the things that I like to blog about, which otherwise seem random and unconnected.

So that's the title change. My blog will focus on things that I think moms would find interesting, and things that will aid other moms in finding balance in their own lives, including (but not limited to) tips to make the tedious tasks in life easier and/or faster, ways to save money, issues involving kids and parenting, anecdotes from my own life, tips on living green (the earth needs balance, too), womens issues, and maybe even politics. Although not too much, I promise:)

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