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Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself...

I do that a lot. Not quote poetry... (that's Whitman, BTW).  I contradict myself. Not verbally, but in my actions. For example...

I'm famous for my strong distaste of cold... cold anything. Particularly cold weather and anything that makes my feet cold. And snow. I despise snow.

For now it works out, though, because of the age and stage that my kids are at. Let's do the math- we aren't home three mornings a week. afternoon is nap/rest time, and on the weekend Dad is home to take them outside. So that only leaves me with two mornings a week to rationalize NOT taking them outside. Up until this week this had worked out fantastically for me.

But then it warmed up. Before then I also had two decent reasons to not take them outside- it's been stinkin' cold (too cold to take under 5's outside, in my opinion, and setting aside my personal distaste for the cold and substituting my preschool teacher persona, I'm pretty liberal about how cold is too cold for kids...), and the snow outside is way too deep for Oliver to get around. But this week Minnesota experienced a winter heat wave. Seriously, the temperature is all the way up to 30 degrees:) And my kids have been super restless lately. So I couldn't put it off any longer.

So I spent an hour outside, trying my best to ignore my freezing toes while I held the sled for Izzy, and tromping through snow that was well over my boots to save Oliver when he got stuck. But most of the time I was out there I spent surveying our property. So I was glad I made myself go out, because there is an entire section of our property that I always forget is there, and I realized that it is the IDEAL place to plant fruit trees.

Anyway... the contradictions continue. After we came in from playing in the snow we, of course, needed some hot chocolate. And you wanna know what I ended up making? Salted caramel hot chocolate. Yep. Not only did I make and give my kids white-sugar-containing hot chocolate (it was homemade, but still...), but I also put sugar-free-Splenda-containing caramel syrup on it. We all know how I feel about white sugar. And I HATE artificial sweetener. Besides tasting like crap, I don't think eating anything that is that chemically altered is healthy.

It was delicious, though, and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it. I only have the caramel in my house because like three years ago I made an ice cream recipe that called for it. Since then I've completely reformed the way I eat and just haven't gotten around to throwing away the syrup, and in the moment it sounded good. And it was.

My point? As usual, I don't really have one. But it could possibly be that when you eat a healthy diet, one that is based on whole foods, that tastes good, that gives you joy daily, and that makes you feel good, you don't need to feel guilty about occasionally ingesting something that may be a little awful for you (like caramel, or hot dogs...).

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Cait said...

You left out the best part of that quote!

"Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself (I am large, I contain multitudes)."

The first time I read that quote I had this great overwhelming feeling of "Oh my gosh, that's ME. That's how I feel!" Like no matter how misunderstood or weird or cranky I got, it was ok to be slightly self-contradictory because there is so much that makes up me as a person.

Walt Whitman is the shit.

Never mind that this has nothing to do with the content of that post. :)

Nadia said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! No harm in indulging in a little unhealthy food once in a while... especially home made stuff ;)

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