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A paperless perk

In my quest to reduce the paper clutter in my house, I have looked long and hard at ways to reduce my two biggest sources- magazines, and recipes. I love reading magazines. Fashion, green living, health, parenting, politics, cooking, crafts, music, literature... one symptom of my diverse interests is that I accumulate a lot of magazines. And I pull pages out when they interest me, even if it's just a product or website that I want to check out later. Then it all gets thrown into a pile and I never get around to the thing I wanted to check out. And it just gets thrown away.

It took me a few days to figure out how to get magazines on my iPad. I swear I searched apps for a magazine reader first and didn't find anything. Then I checked the kindle and nook apps (bonus of an iPad- you can have the other readers as well as iBooks and use the one you prefer- I like the Nook reader). Both have magazines available, but unlike books, you can only read magazines on the respective device. Whatever- it's their loss, because I found something better. I was using one of my ad supported apps and saw an ad for a magazine reader called Zinio. I could have sworn I had already looked at it, but checked it out anyway to be sure. Turns out it's perfect.

While the other readers only had a very limited number of magazines available, Zinio has LOTS. The only magazines I'm interested in that were missing were The Atlantic, but it has it's own app, so I'll live, and Organic Gardening. Well, I didn't see Mothering either, but I'm kind of over parenting mags for the moment. You can either buy individual magazines or subscribe.

And a bonus I didn't forsee- links in the magazines, for the most part, are active. So if I come across a website I want to check out I just have to click on it. Now if only I could get Paprika (more on that app later) to access the magazines as I read them...

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