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1.12.2011, part 2.

I got my stuff from today and I'm even happier than when I ordered it. They successfully have combined two things that make me very happy- saving money, and receiving packages:)

The picture above is only part of my order. Missing is the two toothbrushes I ordered for the kids (because they had already opened them) a package of hearing aid batteries (for my kitchen scale... I had already put them in the scale) and a package of Rockin' Green detergent that is coming in a separate shipment. I got all of these items (including those not pictured) for $57.28. You know how much that stuff usually costs? A lot. I saved a ton on everything except the batteries and the toothbrushes (so perhaps it's appropriate that I didn't get them in the picture...).

One last thing about (this also applies to They accept coupons. I know that sounds like a hassle and I have never done it, but if you have a manufacturer's coupon for something you only have to mail it to them and they'll credit it to your account. It's a nice option. And don't forget their shipping is free on orders over $25. And first time customers get 15% off. And they have a great referral program (btw- my referral code is IZZY6533).

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