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1.08.2011's little helper

So here's the situation- you're out of laundry detergent, so you run to the store. But while you're at Target (or wherever you choose to go) you pick up a cute shirt that's on sale, a snack that sounds good, or something else you suddenly realize you "need." These situations aren't completely without value- I've gotten great deals on stuff we really do need (or would have boughten anyway) and solved little household problems by paying attention to sales and special products when I'm at the store for day to day errands. But I've also bought a lot of junk. Junk I don't need, that I would have easily forgotten about had I not bought it. I am working on this- forcing myself to wait for something I think I want. If I forget about it, I obviously can live without it. But I'm also taking another approach.

I'm going to give a try for a while. A few years ago, when I first heard about, my interest was peaked, but I didn't ever try it. Alice seemed more intrusive, and their selection isn't that extensive (if you weren't aware, I prefer natural and earth friendly products). Then last month I read about on It's an extension of, who I've ordered from before. I browsed their products, and their selection is amazing. They carry a wide variety of products, from basic household items to supplements and even some pantry staples (I got an unbelievable deal on virgin coconut oil- $7 for a 32oz jar!). And the variety of brands available is impressive. I placed my order today (finally!) and, thanks to a 15% off coupon code, the e-coupon for the coconut oil, and free shipping, my big order (laundry detergent, fabric softener, coconut oil, multivitamins, body wash, and batteries... And I don't buy small bottles of anything) for just over $50. So far, I'm pleased. I saved a trip, got great deals, and avoided impulse purchases.

Did I mention they have a great referral program? Any friend who uses your referral code earns you a $10 credit!

My referral code is IZZY6533. You know what to do:)

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Rebecca at Alice said...

Hi there! Rebecca from here - I do hope you'll give us a try since we pride ourselves on our extremely extensive green and organic section (you can browse those products here - or use our search bar) and have more of those types of products than any other site.

We also have a different type of business model that allows those green and organic manufacturers to sell directly to you, meaning we don't take a cut of their profit like other online retailers - they get it all so they can keep creating innovative products that are good for the environment. You still get all of your products in one shipment though (with eco-friendly packaging), and always free shipping, direct to your door :)

Just thought I'd let ya know, since I'm a fellow greenie :)

We also have a great referral program if it turns out you like us. Feel free to email me with any other questions rebecca (at) alice [dot] com.

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