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(recent internal monologue)
I miss my friends. I should write a blog post about how much I miss my friends. But not right now. I shouldn't blog while driving. (end monologue)

It's pretty obvious why the topic of friends is relevant to this blog. Having friends is very important to achieving balance, even for an introverted nutjob like me (go ahead, finish laughing before you read on...). There are times, particularly now that I am in a new town and haven't really made any good friends yet, when I fool myself into believing that I am okay without friends. It is true that I am like a social camel, and that I generally require less social contact than most people. But even I need friends.

And I had good friends in California. Particularly my single friend. And since I paid a pretty significant tribute to my non-single friend before I moved I feel it's past due I express how much I miss my single friend (yep, I only have two friends).

You see, normally it's hard for a single person to remain friends with a married person because priorities are a little different. And then once that married friend has kids? Forget about it. But one of my besets friends in Cali was a single girl I met when Izzy was about 8 months old. She understood that parenting was my number one priority... and that the ten seconds a year that I was able to leave my house sans kids I wanted to live up to the fullest. And we did:) Very simply put, I miss having a friend to go out with every once in a while, when I need a break. And I miss having a single friend to live vicariously through, since there hasn't been any real drama in my life since 10/9/08.

Thank God she has family in WI and another friend in the twin cities, so I can count on seeing her every year or so.

If I've learned anything this weekend, it's that I'm emotionally stunted and have issues espressing myself (um, duh...). So I'm just saying'- Caitlin we miss you!!! Love me, Oliver, and Izzy (and my insomnia, because it was my lack of sleep that lead me to finally type out this post!).

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