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I know I'm on vacation, but i want to talk about food allergies for a minute...

I know, you're totally not surprised. I never talk about food allergies:) I actually want to share this link to a cooking class that I was turned on to thanks to the wonder that is facebook.

Because I know that, while everyone else thinks I'm a nut because I'm NOT a doctor and there is no way I can know about food and nutrition and the very complicated relationship between food and body (if you're me, insert shudder and bite tongue here for the sake of family peace), I healed my children of their food allergies. They didn't just outgrow them. Had I done nothing, they would have continued to suffer from ear and upper respiratory infections for the rest of their early childhood. They MIGHT have outgrown them by 5, but as severe as Oliver's was I believe that he, instead of growing out of it, would have continued to suffer from chronic childhood illnesses, probably had surgery to either put tubes in his ears or to have is tonsils and/or adenoids removed, and likely been diagnosed with asthma.

Instead he is a vibrantly healthy child who rarely gets sick. Seriously, my whole family had what I believe was the Norovirus, and while my husband and I were sick for at least 24 hours (sick sick, it took longer than that for us to fully recover) the kids were only sick for about 4 hours each. And recovered within 12. They have each had one cold in the last 12 months, and no ear infections.

And I know in my heart that I did that. I prevented them from having to have needless surgery and from having to be dependent on medications at such a young age. Me.

I didn't exactly follow the GAPS diet as the above cooking class does, but I did follow many tenets of it. I believe that I was able to heal them without going to the full extent of gaps (my kids still had rice and potatoes occasionally, which is a no-no on GAPS, and also occasionally sugar, although always natural sugar at home... and occasional refines sugar at school, grandma's house, etc) because they are so young and because we caught the allergies early.

And it seems that more and more adults are becoming afflicted with food allergies. Most are resigned to eliminate those foods for the rest of their lives. How much would a lifetime of no bread/pizza/croissants/bagels...etc suck? I think it would suck a lot. Hopefully the way that I eat and feed my family now will prevent me from ever developing any food intolerances, but should I ever discover one, you KNOW I will be on GAPS before the test results are cool, because 2 years on a restrictive diet sounds way less sucky than a lifetime on a restrictive diet.

Important things I want to point out about gut healing:

-You can't heal your gut by simply eliminating the food that you are allergic to.
-If you don't heal your gut and simple eliminate, you WILL LIKELY develop another allergy in the future because you still have a leaky gut.
-ADULTS CAN HEAL THEIR GUTS TOO! No doctor is going to tell you that you can or point you towards the GAPS diet. There is no incentive for them to. Their main job is to diagnose and prescribe, and since there is no major pharmaceutical company profiting from the GAPS diet and no magic pill they can prescribe to fix you. So they tell you to eliminate and send you on your way.

If you have a food allergy, check out this class. You don't have to take a $150 class to learn to follow GAPS (there are many free message boards online, as well as a book), but it would definitely help.

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