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I love my life

Strawberries and Cream.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I have chosen to give up grain for Lent.  Other than a few transgressions during my trip I have done pretty well.  And it has been hard- particularly the first two days.  And today I had to make bread for my husband.  It smelled amazing.  It looked amazing.  But none for me.

So you wanna know what I did?  I made fillet minion and broccoli with parmesan and lemon.  And then, for desert, I made homemade whipped cream sweetened with unrefined sugar and natural vanilla, with a little creme fraiche mixed in to add depth of flavor.

Who freakin' needs bread? 

(and on a side note, my husband made my day earlier- he came home to two freshly baked loaves cooling on the counter. while I was gone he had to eat store bough bread when he ran out of the loaves I had baked and froze for him.  he exclaimed "good!  store bought bread is bland and gross now that I'm used to your home baked bread."  besides improving the health and vitality of my family, that is the kind of reaction that makes my efforts totally worth it).

But in all seriousness, I have never felt less deprived in my life.  Don't get me wrong, there have been struggles and I have slipped up a few times.  But limiting the grain has forced me to up my intake of the three things I know I need to eat more of- veggies, fruit, and pastured meat.  I'm 100% sure that I need carbs, and that a long term low carb diet is not for me.  But for the time being this diet is refreshing.

And both of these things- the way I feel right now due to my restriction and my husband's reaction to my bread, encapsulate why we eat this way.  A post on Nourishing Days today made me realize that.  It's not for long term health- lots of people thing that eating low fat is important for long term health, but that isn't enough motivation for them to keep it up on a daily basis.  They don't feel good or they feel hungry or otherwise unsatisfied.  We eat this way because it makes us feel good every day- not good in the way junk food makes people feel good- healthy good, all day every day good.  

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