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Dealing with frustration.

I don't do it well.  If I make a plan, and it doesn't turn out how I want it to, I often get frustrated and give up- sometimes temporarily, sometimes for good.  This is a problem, though, especially when dealing with gardening and amateur construction, which is pretty much all I've been doing this week.

I'm 50% done with my chicken coop.  As of tomorrow, the hard parts will be done- the vents are cut and covered, the shelf (more space/brooder/isolation cage, as needed) is up, the brooder front is build, and tomorrow we're installing a new window.  But I had some problems.  I started cutting out the vents with my Fein Multimaster (which I still think is the best tool ever), but the blade got dull and started to smoke after just one of eight vents was cut.  So I called Scott and asked him to pick me up a new blade, and they were out of the blade I needed.  So he bought me a different, round blade.  But the round blade doesn't cut deep enough and, well, it's round so I can't cut right up to the stud.  Grrr... so Scott finished it for me with his reciprocating saw.

And the garden- as I mentioned before, the sod got cut and turned way faster and easier than I had expected.  So I should have known something else would go wrong.  I had planned on buying compost from a neighboring farm, who has a sign at the end of his driveway that says "compost" with a phone number.  I called, and no dice.  And I was planning on a pretty deep layer of it to build up the height of the bed.  The only other places I've found were far too expensive to do that.  I was so frustrated all morning today, I considered just abandoning that part of the garden until next year, when the sod has had a chance to break down.  But no, I have too many plants already, and I finally talked myself into not giving up.  So I started to think critically- what will be the best way to do this without spending a ton?  Well, we have a ton of partly broken down leaves in our yard that could be dug in.  I have a rototiller I can use to break up the sod more, or I can just remove the sod and let it compost for next year (I haven't decided yet).  And I found an guy on Craigslist that sells a mixture of Garden soil and compost that is in my price range if I only put about 2 inches onto the new beds.  I can still make this work, and probably end up spending less money this way.  Let's just hope this guy emails me back.  The only alternative I can think of is bagged compost and/or garden soil from the home store, which would NOT be cheap.

But I'll figure it out.  There is no giving up this year!

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