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Ahh Progress

After months of planning and months of work (the kind of work where you don't see the results right away, which kills me...) I am finally at the point where I feel like I HAVE something.  There is still a ton to do, and maintaining a garden and a flock of chickens is a constant job.  But still, after all the work (have I mentioned it's been a lot of work???) it's nice to be able to sit back for a minute or so and look at a garden that actually looks like a garden, or a flock of chickens that actually look like chickens.

So here's a little progress report, in pictures.

Last year- everything's planted, but I haven't mulched yet.
Late Winter/Early Spring this year- sod is broken for new beds... so much else to do!
Another post sod breaking shot.
The same garden a few days ago from about the same angle as the previous pictures.
Another angle from a few days ago.
 More progress has been made even in the few days since these pictures were taken.  The two small trees you see at either corner of the garden have been cut down (no worries- we have no shortage of trees on our property, but we do have a shortage of sunlight!) and a huge chunk of that weedy area has been mowed down.

And the progress on the grape vine:
Last summer- overgrown mess.
Early Spring- Cold mess.
Early spring after landscaping.
A few days ago- so pretty!

 And my flock; how they have grown over the past two and a half months!
Just a few days old.

All grown up!

My roosters.

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