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Anyone in the blog world, either as a reader or as a writer, knows that it can be a big black hole of time suckage (as with most things on the web).  But I have always been repelled by the things on the net that suck time... I did go through a message board phase when both of my kids were infants that could be considered time suckage, but when you have infants and you spend all your time holding/nursing/monitoring a being who can't really move much, you spend a lot of time doing idle things.

The blogs I read are not a waste of my time, though.  I read blogs that inspire me to better myself or my life in some way.  I know that many people (ahem, husband) think I am a bit flighty and flutter from idea to idea without much follow through, and these same people think that I am easily influenced by people I admire.  But they're wrong.  Well, no, I am a little flighty, but I'm working on that bit.  But I am not easily influenced.  I have very strong ideas and opinions.  But I am also open minded.  When I read something another blogger has done, I either think "that's interesting, but not for me" or "OMG I want to do that!"  And often it's the later.  And often it seems that things that have been in the back of my mind but neglected due to other obligations are being addressed on some of my favorite blogs.  I'm not the most spiritual of people, but I do believe that sometimes God has a message for us.  When something I want/need to do but keep procrastinating shows up all of a sudden on several blogs, I take that as a sign it's time to act.

Take, for example, emergency preparedness (which I kind of want to do a blog post on- not the how, because there's plenty of that out there, but the why, at least for me).  I started setting up our emergency supplies last year- my plan was to buy a little each week to make it more financially managable.  But after a few weeks I forgot about it.  So most of our emergency supplies were heaped in the basement.  This past week, though, my favorite blog, Kitchen Stewardship did a series on preparedness.  So I'm back on that ball.

And Nourishing Days, another fave, has been giving glimpses of her plans to go without grid power this summer.  I have no plans to go off grid completely, but I do need to make some changes- I need to, for starters, start hanging my laundry out to dry again.  And stop leaving lights on during the day.  And get the last of my seedlings outside, because even though they're LED's I'm sure my plant lights have sucked a bit of electricity.

I very actively try to only spend time on the web if I am actively looking something up that I want or need to know... occasionally I loose an entire morning, for example, making lists of preparedness things I need to do or buy.  But at least that's better than loosing an entire morning reading FML or OnlyatWalmart.

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