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I'm not one to complain, but today has been a real shitter

I'm going to diverge from my normally scheduled programming and complain about how awful today has been.  I hate complaining, really I do, because I don't feel that 99.9% of people who complain have any right to.  I particularly hate the whole "FML" phenomenon.  Sure, we all have bad days, and sure, it's meant to be funny.  But first of all, I think it's an annoying trend, second of all, your life isn't that bad, I promise, and last, it's a little morbid to laugh at other peoples' misfortune.

Yet here I am complaining.  I know many people have had much worse days than this.  I have had much worse days than this.  Recently, even.  But today was more than just bad, it was FRUSTRATING. 

For starters, I am behind in my garden (need to channel flylady- you are never behind, jump right in where you are!), and yesterday I had this totally reasonable to-do list I wanted to accomplish.  But yesterday it was 102 degrees, so I spent the entire morning making sure the chickens weren't all going to die and the afternoon making sure I wasn't going to die.  And I'm behind in my gardening (this isn't specific to today, but it definitely contributed) because I have had to spend time hand picking Colorado Potato Beetles and their flippin' eggs off of my potato plants three times a day, which eats up a great deal of my time (by the way, every time I do it I force myself to list the reasons that potato beetles don't totally suck- 1) they stick out so are easy to see, 2) they are slow, 3) they don't bite or cling or squirm or squish or anything else gross when you pick them up, 4) their eggs are bright orange so they're easy to see...).

So I guess one good thing happened today- my organic bug spray came.

Anyway, back to my day.  I lost yesterday due to the heat.  Then I wake up today and there is no question that I have a bladder infection.  I have all the typical textbook symptoms.  So I feel like crap, and I feel like I need to pee constantly.  But the really weird part is that I looked up home remedies and found that you can take 1/2 tsp. of baking soda in 8 oz. of water for this particular malady.  So I took that, two ibuprofen for the inflammation, and spent the rest of the morning asleep on the couch (post chores- the chickens don't care if I'm sick... although while I was feeding them I kept thinking about how bladder infections, if they get bad enough, can cause dementia like symptoms, so I was worried that I was only hallucinating that I was feeding the chickens...).  This was the only period of the day, btw, where my children did not choose to do everything in their power to make me crazy- I'm at least thankful for that, even though the spent the time destroying their play room.  But back to the weirdness- I woke up feeling totally fine.  All my symptoms were gone.  So that's another plus.  But the entire morning was gone.

Then, even though I had a ton of stuff to do in the yard, I decided we needed to go to town for cranberry juice because I wasn't sure sure if my infection was gone or if I just felt better because of the ibuprofen, and that I would feed the kids while we were in town since I had slept right up until lunch time.  We make it to town with little incident, although Oliver is already showing signs of general butt-headed-ness, and we get our food.  But Oliver's butt-headed-ness progresses and, long story short, he doesn't get the ice cream that comes with his meal.  He fusses, whatever.  But this is where it all starts to go downhill- we get in the car, Izzy carrying her little cup of ice cream, and she sets her cup in the cup holder of her carseat so she can buckle herself.  As she sits down, her cup holder tips and a tiny bit of ice cream spills... seriously, like a drip, and she starts to absolutely flip shit.  Our plan had been to go to Target next to get the juice and a few other things, but I immediately informed the kids that I was over it and that I wasn't taking them anywhere because of the way they had been acting.  So Izzy starts to scream... I mean, my ears are still ringing, she was screaming so loud.  I turned the radio way up because I was just done hearing it, but that only made Oliver start yelling "that's too loud! that's too loud!"  I wanted to stop the car in the middle of the street, get out, and just walk away, I was so done.  But I got half way across town and was like "crap, I need cranberry juice, I'm going to kick myself if I don't get it."  So, with Izzy still screaming, I park in the Walgreens parking lot and we just sit there.  After a few minutes (Izzy is still screaming) Oliver asks "can I get out?"  And I tell him "yes, but we can't get out until Izzy is done."  So she finishes and I tell her she can come in the store with us but she isn't allowed to cry, talk, or touch anything.  We get our stuff and get home without any more major meltdowns.

Then, after dinner tonight I send the kids to clean up their DISASTER of a playroom, which is of course followed by boatloads of whining.  But they get most of it cleaned up, and then I look in to check their progress and I see them both picking up something off the floor that looks like....


My first thought was that she cut Isabella's hair.  Isabella is her American Girl Doll.  I won't even tell you how much those cost, because it's outrageous and I'm a little embarrassed that my daughter has one.  But I can tell you that, had it been Isabella's hair she had cut, she would have been in far more trouble...

But no, I asked her where the hair came from, and she said "I cut a little from me."  And I lost it.  I started simultaneously yelling at her and laughing.  It was not my best moment.  She had cut more than just a little- she had grabbed hand-fulls- multiple hand fulls- from around both sides of her face and cut them off at her ears.  I don't know if I've really explained before what Izzy is like.  She's a lot like me.  We both like to dig in dirt and be outside and hike.  We like to use tools and do things that aren't generally considered girly.  But we also like to look cute and wear girly things.  On most days she is outside digging in the dirt in a dress, or a pink skirt, or something else completely impractical.  So she likes her hair.  It's not super long, but long enough so she looks like a girl, and long enough to put ponies in.  Well, it was.  I knew there was no fixing this little haircut she gave herself, so partly as punishment and partly because I knew it had to be done, I marched her into the bathroom and cut ALL her hair off at her ears.  So now she has a boy haircut.  I think she got the message.  So of course more screaming ensued, and she went directly to bed.

I know, not that bad of a day relatively speaking.  But I think it bothers me almost as much as it bothers her that her hair is short now.  Izzy didn't have any hair to speak of until she was almost 2, and it was a huge deal when she was 3 and finally had enough hair for pony tails.  Now it's short again.  It will grow back, but still...  And now I'm going to have to make an emergency hair appointment for her- I didn't even try to cut it well, I just cut even with where she had cut all the way around her head.  Like I said, I was trying to make a point.

Really I just want to know what was wrong with my daughter today.  She doesn't act like this unless something is going on- in fact, she hasn't acted like this since the days of the chronic ear infections.  I asked her if anything hurt, and I asked her specifically if her ears hurt, and she said no...  I'll have to give her a once over tomorrow.  I can at least hope that she was simply overtired.

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