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Low spend pantry/garden challenge check in

I haven't been very accountable to my self-challenge: to spend less than $150 a month on groceries.  But the good news is that I'm way under budget for this month... mostly because we spent nine days on vacation eating with our parents and in-laws, who either cooked or insisted on paying.  So here's what I've spent, and on what (so far as I can remember- next time I'll keep reciepts!).

Spiral (the natural food co-op that I love and worship in our town):

July 5: $35.39 on milk, cream, eggs, raisins, honey, and I think I bought some essential oils or something... I don't remember:)

July 20: $42.80 on milk, cream, eggs, some dried fruit, bread, garlic, spices (for pickling!), and some plums and lemons.

Farmer's Market:
$19; $10 for a quart of maple syrup and $9 for three quarts of peas.

Grand total for the month so far: $97.19

Awesome huh?  So what have we been eating on such a budget?  Hamburgers, roasted chicken, roast beef, cabbage rolls, homemade pizza, fish... in other words, we haven't been at all deprived.

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