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Make it Yourself Monday: Ketchup and Mustard

Summer= grilling.  And a grilled burger, at least in my opinion, is not complete without ketchup and mustard.
What is missing from this picture?  Homemade ketchup and mustard!

But commercially produced ketchup is full of sugar (often high fructose corn syrup).  Both condiments were historically fermented, and on that fact alone their commercial counterparts are lacking.  Plus, the flavor and depth of both homemade ketchup and mustard can't be beat.  Oh, and they're both simple to make!

But I'm not posting recipes today.  Nope.  I'm being lazy.  I'm posting links.

The ketchup recipe is from the Nourished Kitchen... don't be freaked out by the sign-in-thingie on the page I link you to.  The recipe is included in a FREE (100% free, I promise- you may get an email, but that's it) bonus lesson from Jenny's Get Cultured fermentation e-course.  There is also a recipe for soaked french fries (super yummy!).

And the mustard recipe, while mine, was posted a few weeks ago.  So I will simply link you back to here (scroll to the bottom, after the stuff about Strawberries).

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