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So, about that budget...

Just a few days ago I shared that I was way under budget on groceries this month.  Well, what does one do when one is under budget?  One spends.  Way too much apparently.

It all started when I stopped in to check out the grocery co-op in a neighboring town.  I buy 99% of my groceries from our co-op, but I had never stopped by this one.  Their selection was nothing compared to what I was used to, but they were having a sale on free range turkeys.  Knowing that the price near Thanksgiving would be much higher, I decided to buy one.  After all, I'm under budget, right?  So I bought a turkey.  In July.

But with the turkey I was still in good shape.  Then I found out blueberry and cherry pickup at one of our local farms was today.  And I bought ten pounds of both.  And I'm not going to tell you how much I paid for those 20lbs.  But I'm glad I did it.

Today I made 4 pints of drunken cherries, 5 1/2 pints of blueberry jam, 3 pints of cherry jam, cherry/apple and blueberry/apple fruit leather (I mixed the puree with some of last year's homemade applesauce to stretch it, and because we haven't been using the applesauce), and I have 5 cups of blueberries in the fridge to make a cobbler this weekend.  And I have the dehydrator full of cherries, blueberries, and strawberries and made a pint 1/2 (yes, just one and one half pints) of strawberry jam and some strawberry fruit leather as well.

And I have battle scars to show for my labors today.  As I was lifting a jar out of the canner to fill with jam I dripped a little water into the hot and still bubbly jam pot.  It splattered hot molten jam on my arm.  I have a lovely blister.  By other wound is unrealated, but still worth sharing- I was out in the chicken run feeding the strawberry tops to them (so that makes it kind of related) when my $*%&#*% rooster attacked my right arm from behind.  There are several places where he actually broke the skin.  That poor thing is getting mean, and the aggressiveness with which he attacks me is escalating.  I am giving him some time to get past this "teenage" rooster phase, but if he doesn't calm down soon his new name is going to be Stock.

Pardon my digression.... So I'm setting by quite the pretty collection of jams, but other than the fermenting I started last week I haven't really gotten much else put up yet.  What are you putting up?

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