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Izzy enjoying a rare treat.
 If anything makes me flip flop on feeding my kids real food, it's traveling.  I know several people via the web who pack all their snacks and do all their own cooking when they travel.  And I think that's great.  If you are that motivated to feed your kids whole food 100% of the time with no exceptions, I think that's amazing.  A part of me wishes that I were that motivated.  And while my kids were still symptomatic I was that motivated, at least most of the time, because it was a matter of their health.

But now I'm torn.  Eating whole foods 100% of the time would, of course, be the ideal, but I would be lying if I told you we did it.  When we travel, particularly while visiting family, we make some concessions.  If something is offered, particularly if other kids are partaking, I don't say no (I grit my teeth, but I don't say no).  We eat out, including some fast food.  Sometimes I cook, sometimes I don't.  We eat more "treats" than we normally would.

The thing is, I can't decide if I should feel bad about it or not.  I think that sticking fully to any diet regimen, even one as satisfying and healthful as eating whole foods and healthy fats, can be stressful.  And while I think that anything worth having or doing is going to be work, I think that any job deserves a break, including the job of finding and preparing whole foods.  So when we travel, I take a break.  And my kids take a break from what some view as a "deprived" childhood (deprived since they aren't allowed to have things like fruit snacks, pop tarts, otter pops, soda, snack cakes, cheetoes... although my kids would never tell you they're deprived).  For the most part I don't offer these things even on vacation.  However, others do.  And my job changes from food prep to food moderation- to keeping them from ODing on the otter pops and juice pouches offered to them by others.

But are my motivations to be a little lax wrong?  Why am I conceding on this one thing that I am normally pretty strict about?  Am I doing it so people (not just people, family) won't think I'm crazy and make fun of me (because I shouldn't care)?  Am I doing it because I want to be lazy?  Am I doing it because I don't want my kids to be "deprived" (which as I stated, they aren't, and it also puts me in the same mindset of those who criticize my drive to feed whole foods instead of junk)?

What do you think?  Do you compromise on food when traveling?  Are my motivations wrong?

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simply heidi said...

You are not wrong. In fact, I don't think there is a universal right or wrong answer when it comes to feeding our families. Instead, I feel like we are all on a journey. Some may take side paths, some may be way ahead, or lagging behind, but we all move ahead at our own pace. If we focus too much on where others are, we can make ourselves feel far too "less than".
You do what is right for your family.
And not that it matters, but we had Dairy Queen tonight. And I don't feel bad a bout it at all. (A little queezy, but not bad.)

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