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The Wednesday Why: Farm Cats

This is a bit of a departure from the type of thing I would normally post for this series.  You may be thinking "how can cats be controversial?"  Well, they aren't exactly.  But apparently most people don't like cats (or they don't think they do...).
In memory of Kitty, our old house cat.  I miss her and her confused coloring.

 You see, inspired mostly by this post on Homestead Revival, we got two cats this week- two adorable little 10 week old piles of playful entertainment (for those of you who don't know, 10 weeks old is a little less than half grown in cat years).  But these are not replacements for Kitty, our dearly departed house cat who died last December.  These are real, true, farm cats.  They will keep their claws (although I wouldn't declaw a house cat again, either- I was young and stupid the first time).  They will sleep in the garage.  They will spend their days outside (lets not mention that right now they are on the couch in the living room with me, trying to crawl under the laptop as I type).  And they will serve a purpose.
Smoke, one of the new kittens.  He is gray, and he is very mellow (get the connection?) and is about the sweetest kitty ever.  My very anti-cat husband suggested the name.
I didn't just get cats because they're cute and funny to watch and super cuddly (although these are all pluses).  I got these particular cats for several reasons, the most important of which was their family history of mousing.  We had mice last year, and I am SO not okay with mice in my house.  And now that we'll be storing grain and chicken feed in the shed the need for pest control will be even greater.  I selected these particular cats because their mother was a good, mouser.  Other reasons these cats were a perfect fit- they're already both aclimated to living outside AND litter trained (they'll have a litter box in the garage).  They're full of curiosity and energy, signs they'll be good at their job, but they are also some of the most friendly cats I have ever played with- my kids have spent two days carrying them around... and you know how 2 and 4 year olds carry cats.  These kittens deal with it very gracefully.  They're used to dogs, so they only hissed a few warnings at poor neglected (in her own mind, now that she has to compete with all those chickens AND two kittens) Jinx and have otherwise gotten on with her well.  Of course, they are adorable.  And one is gray, which immediately won my husband over, who has apparently always wanted a grey cat.  The same husband who swore that I was NOT going to get cats (he may have even put his foot down).
This is Pepper, a little girl after my own heart.  She's, um, peppery- very energetic and curious and full of life, but she loves to cuddle as much as her more laid back brother does.  As with most of the good names on this farm, Izzy is responsible for this one.
And don't worry, I'm not going to let them procreate like bunnies.  In some settings, in very rural areas where natural controls would help keep the population down (like where I grew up) it's okay not to spay and neuter cats.  But in the rest of the world it's the responsible thing to do.  I don't want to have kittens to have to find a home for, nor do I want any more than two.  These cats will be fixed.  And since one is male and one is female they will be fixed ASAP.

But I have to say, having two kittens is WAY more entertaining than having one.  For example, right now Smoke is having a little fight with himself on the couch, and Pepper was sitting behind me, wigging her butt to pounce.  And then she did.  And they wrestled.  So cute.

On a related note, I have realized that yes, I am a cat person.  And I am okay with that.  I used to always think I was a dog person.  There is something about cats... no one really wants to admit to being a "cat person" because of the crazy old cat lady thing.  But I've come to terms with it.  Dogs are so needy.  They're like children, only they don't grow up all the way.  I do love my dog, but she will likely be the last one (at least during her lifetime).  But I get cats.  They may want a cuddle here and there, but largely they just hang out and do their own thing.  And they don't do what they're told.  I get that.  I have to say it all started with this post, and being a new dog owner myself when I read this, and having been to dog parks where the certifiably crazy dog owners frequent (OMG PLEASE stop talking to your dog (and everyone else's) like they are children.  They are not children.  I promise) when I realized that the crazy cat lady persona is just a big lie perpetuated by the dog people so everyone won't realize how crazy THEY are.

Shut up Brianna.  I don't overthink everything:)

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Candace said...

oh my goodness! They are adorable! Eli and I have been talking about getting a cat!!!! I'm sold now!

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