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Am I just mean? Jaded? Cynical?

I took one look at this picture and my first thought was "no freakin' way."

Many people think I'm weird.  Some think I'm a bit tyrannical and mean.  I say I'm practical.

There is no way I'm going to spend the time to make a Mater shaped sandwich for my child in the morning.  Not even the night before.  No way.  There are far more important things that need to be done.

I admit, there is a nagging voice in the back of my head that says "why not- do you not think food should be enjoyable?"  Yes, I absolutely think food should be enjoyed.  However, if I used that to justify spending 20 minutes making a sandwich then I would be able to use the same rationale to pack soda and fruit snacks in my kids' lunch- I know they would enjoy those.  But it's not gonna happen.  Because it's not healthy.

And while I absolutely think that doing special things once in a while to show our kids how much they mean to us is fantastic, I don't think this is the best way.  Expressing love with food, particularly food that is out of the ordinary scope of what you would eat or serve, is a slippery slope.  First of all, every morsel of food you prepare for your child is prepared with the same amount of love, and they should learn to appreciate it for it's own merits, NOT because it's shaped like a cartoon character.  This links directly for my dislike of most character/branded stuff.  I want my kids to learn to recognize an item, a backpack for example, because of it's own merits, not simply because it has a huge Tinkerbell on it.  And it doesn't help (well, it helps my argument I guess...) that most branded apparel and products are crap, quality wise. 

The main reason, however, is that I already feel like there is not enough time in the day.  I'm not going to take the time to print a template, cut it out, cut out all the pieces, and assemble this monstrosity.  I may or may not do the cookie cutter thing- that in and of itself presents problems- what happens to the rest of the sandwich?  Eating the remainder each time I fix her lunch isn't exactly good for my waistline, and there's no way I would throw it away.  And what about the next time when I don't cut her sandwich in the shape of a flower?  Besides, I can think of a number of better ways to show my kids how special they are.

Am I being a stick in the mud?


Nadia said...

My first thought was "how cute!" then I thought about how hard it would be for my kid to actually pick up and hold pieces of that sandwich which means that so much of it would end up on the floor = wasted food. So, no, I don't think you're being a stick in the mud. I like the pic but I wouldn't waste my time either... well, unless I was making some kind of centerpiece or a party or something like that ;)

The Manlupig Family said...

No way, your not a stuck in the mud. Or else I am too!! Lol
I agree 100% and what I'm most proud of is having children not walking around like little society driven robots. Rhett think for them selves. My son doesnt bat an eye at having the pink plate either! Because we don't make a big deal out of these things. And your right, I want them to appreciate food for what it is, fuel for a healthy body. I thought I was the only stock in the mud!! I'm really not tho, I make treats they get excited when I make fruit salad for dessert! I'm proud.

simply heidi said...

I'm with you. I once used a cat cookie cutter on my daughter's PBJ and she wouldn't eat it. She loved the little kitty too much. :)

Lauren said...

Nah. I wouldn't do this just any old day. Maybe a special birthday lunch or something...

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