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Coming up...

I have been super busy, but I haven't forgotten about you.

I have several ideas and posts in the works, but nothing ready yet and nothing that I can whip together fast, so I'll just give you a preview of what's to come.

I'll do a rundown of my favorite food preservation recipes so far this late summer/fall.

I'll talk about pressure canning a little, since I just attempted it for the first time.

In honor of the new and improved Natural Foods Co-op opening (not really new- old co-op, new location) I'll probably talk more about why I feel it's important to eat local foods as much as possible.

My next chicken post will likely deal with raising broiler/meat chickens.  I've addressed them a little in past chicken posts, but would like to go into further depth.  At the moment they're heavy on my mind, since I'm literally swimming in broilers right now and will be even more so soon, as my next order (you know, the impulsive one...) comes this Thursday.  I'm not ready, but I will be.  But it's dejavu all over again, as I'm still short a brooder...

And as we move into fall you'll hear more about my fall garden and I'll probably do a post on apples.

Anything else you want to see?

1 comment:

Cait said...

I'd like to see some homegrown tomato sauce in my pantry. Because my tomatoes are officially a disaster. ;)

How about some white sugar alternative recipes/topics?

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