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The speckled egg and the top brown egg were found this morning in a nest box, and the one on the left was found on the ground, so I would assume it's from a bantam.
...we have eggs!  I took the kids to the water park this morning.  So after rushing through our chores and getting ready, we were getting in the car when I heard a big ruckus in the chicken coop.  It didn't sound serious, so I finished loading the kids and checked it out... and found two eggs in one of the nest boxes!  Just about an hour earlier I had noticed one of the barred rocks in that same next box, so I'm assuming she laid one of the two eggs.  No clue who laid the other, although I would hope it was the lemon orpington, since she's over four months old.

When we got home early this afternoon I checked, hopeful for another egg or two.  I didn't see any in the nest boxes, but I noticed that my little read frizzle bantam was crouched in the corner.  When I looked closer I saw a small egg next to her- I don't know if she had just laid it, or if one of the other bantams laid it and she was working on one as well (or not).

What a great day!

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simply heidi said...

Hurray! That is exciting news!

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